segunda-feira, 4 de abril de 2011

Interactive Movies

Do you remember the old role playing game books ? Where the author was able to change the story by redirecting you to certain pages depending on your decisions ?

It would be nice if we had games and movies merging in a concept that could actually do that. Imagine: You are watching a movie and for a few minutes you are required to take control of the main character till you reach a point where the cinematic would guide you again.

Most games today do that to an extent. Just an example, Mass Effect 2 does exactly that, but just in the first sequence (image above). There is more behind that idea. It could actually make the film industry a bit more interesting again. Why should i buy a DVD if the movie will always be the same ?

Movies done this way could have a default sequence that would be played in today DVDs (or in the movies) but also a few "extra" scenes that would only be reached by "playing" the movie. Now that is something i would buy.

Video Games can play DVDs. Computers can play DVDs and games. Games actually use that to explain the scene or just as part of the game play. So the technology is out there just waiting to be actually put together.

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