quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2011

Hobbist or not Hobbist ?

Playing games has been something i've been doing for fun for many years now. For a good part of those years i've tried to create games with almost no success mostly because those attempts only lasted till the next deadline but also because if you start to develop a game in the wrong direction it get rough quickly.

But i am going to try it again. With a few more years developing a applications (and gaming :) ) under my belt also with a bit more time available. I am expecting it to be a hobby (possibly shared with a few friends *cough cough*) but who knows where this road will take us ... Anyway, enjoying the process will be cool enough.

I am starting this blog today where i will put down my experiences as a passionate gamer and a wannabe game developer.

Till the next post!

2 comentários:

  1. As you know my friend(for a very long time) you always can count with me.

    Se you on the next post...


  2. Amazing idea! Little by little, you'll have info and nice things related to the game and that's a clever, not to mention, fun! =D