terça-feira, 5 de julho de 2011

3 months later

After exactly 3 months since my last post "I'm back" quoting Randy Quaid from The Independence Day final battle.

In those 3 months i've worked on my thesis, i discovered my results were dopped (this means a big hole in my experiments) and i had to go back to the drawing board and i lost a few months of work. But things are now a bit better and i have promising new ideas. :)

But back on topic I've also tried to give a first step in making a game. A Frenchman once said that nothing costs more than the first step .... And he is right !

Unreal Dev Kit was a wall ... I couldn't understand anything. It is fantastic and if you follow tutorials you can do all that easily but if you want to make anything other than an amazing shooter .... good luck.

I saw a few other engines but i had no time to play with them. Or they were even less gentle with beginners. So i had to take a different approach.

Now i am using the ever flexible Qt c++ framework to make a 2D-top view game. That is free software at its best: cross-platform (across several platforms), easy to learn, easy to use, tons-and-more-tons of utilities and more. It doesn't like c++ standards much but it is still great. Here is an example of what it can do.

Very, Very simple code ...

First i create an application. That is the entrance for the awesome Qt world. Inside it the framework will handle everything that makes your life a lot easier.

After that a scene. That is the virtual world you want to create. My virtual world has 2 rectangles, a button and a PNG image. That is pretty much what i expect to use from the game i have in mind.

The view part is like the hole in the wall. It is the portion of the virtual world you can actually see. It also gives me a "free" window to place it so i don't have to make it myself.

And the last line you give the green light to the application (actually that is the entrance point to Qt).

For the next post (soon ... i am already using soon like a game company <.<) I ll play a bit with other fundamentals like events, animation (Qt has an interesting framework for Animations).

Till next post !

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